Why Horses

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Accelerate Change Through the Equine Experience


A Mirror Is The Best Teacher

Experiencing horses in the right setting with professionally-trained Equine Facilitated Learning Instructors and Coaches promises to accelerate personal and professional growth and development.   Since they are always looking for authenticity and leadership from their human peers, horses have the uncanny ability to intuitively detect a person’s most subtle underlying feelings and emotions.  Like a mirror, they reflect back and respond to whether a person is being congruent at every level – conscious, subconscious and energetically.  That’s where the learning comes in.

The Power of the Herd

The horse’s ability to support individual and group change is based upon the horse’s natural herd instincts.  As prey animals and social creatures, horses rely on one another for their survival.  They communicate and respond to very subtle queues, using the slightest physical signals to communicate with each other and to sense potential threats.  Their highly developed ability to sense the energy and intent of another being is innate.  Since humans by nature are predators, and yet social, we have much to learn about ourselves in how we work and live together, recognizing the impact our non-verbal communication, energy, intent and leadership styles effect our relationships.

Reflecting Pool

A Conduit for Change

The programs offered at EQnimity are customized for individuals and groups to take full advantage of the horse’s role in the herd as well as their natural capacity for providing direct yet non-judgmental feedback.  Working with horses provides a new lense into new ways of looking at old problems, providing a conduit for change.  They help people bridge the gap between knowing something and doing it successfully.


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