Horsepowering Success™ for Self-Leadership

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Ignite Self-Leadership and Growth


Self-leadership is the ability to lead ourselves and our experiences, personally and professionally.  It shows up in how we interact with the world, beginning from within and extending outwards.  Through it, we are able to self-reflect and self-direct, moving forward with clarity and confidence knowing that we are our own leader.


Explore the Life You Are Meant to Lead

At EQnimity we help bring progress, balance, along with a sense of peace and meaning to your life.  Through our Horsepowering Success™ Personal Leadership coaching you’ll learn to:

  • gain new perspectives as you move beyond conditioned behaviors and thought patterns
  • establish and maintain clear and consistent personal space and boundaries
  • bring alignment into your life through the collective wisdom of the mind, body, and emotions
  • savor the present moment by becoming more mindful
  • tap into enhanced communication abilities – verbal and non-verbal
  • apply new levels of self-awareness
  • access your authentic self
  • put a plan in place that guides you towards your life’s purpose

As a Certified Professional Coach and Mind Body Method™ Coach, I work with you by phone, or with horses, to gain immediate feedback about the conscious and unconscious thoughts and patterns that may stand in your way of the life you wish to lead and the types of relationships you long for.  You’ll have insight into what needs to happen along with a plan to achieve your goals.

Work with Horses and Accelerate Progress

By partnering with horses, their intuitive and non-judgmental feedback provides real-time learning that will accelerate progress towards leading the life you desire.  In the right setting, horses provide a safe space for you to learn about yourself, your path, your purpose and how you connect with others.  They bring about new levels of self-awareness that will change perspectives in a fundamental way.  Because all work is done from the ground, you don’t even need prior experience with horses to benefit.

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