Horsepowering Success™ for Self-Leadership

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Ignite Self-Leadership and Growth                                                                                                                                                               

Explore the Life You Are Meant to Lead

At EQnimity we help bring progress, balance, along with a sense of peace and meaning to your life.  Through our Horsepowering Success™ Personal Leadership coaching you’ll learn to:

  • gain new perspectives as you move beyond conditioned behaviors and thought patterns
  • establish and maintain clear and consistent personal space and boundaries
  • bring alignment into your life through the collective wisdom of the mind, body, and emotions
  • savor the present moment by becoming more mindful
  • tap into enhanced communication abilities – verbal and non-verbal
  • apply new levels of self-awareness

Work with Horses and Accelerate Progress

In the right setting, horses provide a safe space for you to learn about yourself, your path, your purpose and how you connect with others.  They bring about new levels of self-awareness that will change perspectives in a fundamental way.  Because all work is done from the ground, you don’t even need prior experience with horses to benefit.

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