Horsepowering Success™ for Leaders

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Accelerate Success Through Leadership Presence



Leadership presence is an interconnected system of beliefs, assumptions, experiences and communication (verbal and non-verbal), combined with physical energy.  It is reflected in your ability to connect with others along with the capacity to build trust and influence.

By partnering with horses, as a current or leader, you will deepen your leadership presence  by gaining profound insight and awareness about yourself.  You’ll not only gain a new view of how you build relationships,  but you’ll understand your behavior better, what is driving it, and how it’s impacting your current level of effectiveness.

Because horses are always asking ‘Are you in charge or am I?’ they help people unlock the ability to lead others by connecting and influencing people more effectively.  Through this unique and powerful learning (that requires no riding) you’ll benefit from a model of successful leadership where you will:

  • Improve your interpersonal relationships
  • Distinguish how body language can interfere with building effective communication
  • Recognize how subconscious beliefs impact your day-to-day actions and decisions
  • Master emotions
  • Learn to earn trust 
  • Recognize the impact of thought and clarity in achieving a goal
  • Increase your self-confidence and effectiveness in motivating and inspiring others.
  • Practice the power to influence in real-time
  • Enhance your performance and growth

Change begins with awareness. Working with horses provides that opportunity along with the ability to practice change on- the-spot based on a horse’s direct and immediate feedback about what you’re doing. As a result, learning will be secured through instantaneous changes in your leadership approach, one that improves careers, as well as personal relationships. EQnimity’s HorsePowering Success™ for Leader Programs, allow you to foster a leadership culture that reinforces new behaviors and leads to increased business results.

The experience at EQnimity was like no other.  Having attended leadership development conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the years, nothing has been as impactful.  The horse showed me quite simply what I needed to work on to become a genuine leader.  Janis and her herd had a tremendous impact on me and I look forward to bringing others into this experience.
Patti Seymore, SPHR, CCUE

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