Horsepowering Success™ for Leaders

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Accelerate Your Leadership                                                                                                                                   

Staying mentally and emotionally balanced even in the face of great difficulty is the quality of a good leader.  By working with horses, you will gain insight into the effectiveness of your leadership style through an unbiased third party.  By partnering with horses, you’ll have an accurate and non-judgmental view into your mental calmness and composure which reflects how you respond to challenges and how you influence others to get things done.                                                               

Through reflection and on-the-spot experimentation you will bridge the gap between knowing and doing.                               


This unique and powerful learning approach (that requires no riding or horse experience) enables you to benefit from an experiential leadership development model that allows you to quickly make changes in your leadership aproach that has positive impact.  Not only will you enhance your peformance and growth, you will have a positive influence on those around you, too.  


The experience at EQnimity was like no other.  Having attended leadership development conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the years, nothing has been as impactful.  The horse showed me quite simply what I needed to work on to become a genuine leader.  Janis and her herd had a tremendous impact on me and I look forward to bringing others into this experience.
Patti Seymore, SPHR, CCUE

EQnimity HorsePowering Success™ Programs are available in private sessions or groups, are customized for your specific needs and offered throughout the U.S.                                                             

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