Horsepowering Success™ for Teams

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Programs that Build Successful Teams



Teams gain valuable insight into how they’re functioning when working with horses. Using this partnership, people receive immediate and direct feedback relevant to the skills critical for today’s personal and group achievement. Through insightful theory and practical exercises relevant to real-world life and work situations, working with horses will offer a fresh view to old problems.  New, positive solutions will be exposed across a variety of topics including communication, collaboration, team diversity, change management, and emotional and social intelligence.  

HorsePowering Success™ for Team Programs are customized to propel progress towards the specific goals of each group, whether family, community, athletic, personal or work teams. It offers a fast and cost-effective method for transforming groups into highly productive ones with engaged team members through:

  • Fun, innovative, and results-oriented learning solutions
  • Embodying new skills by practicing on-the-spot
  • Improved interpersonal communications (both verbal and non-verbal)
  • Establishing trust
  • Increasing self-awareness and well-being
  • Appreciative Inquiry; understanding and appreciating the strengths of self and others
  • Recognizing the impact of thought and clarity in achieving a goal
  • Mastering emotions
  • Removing sub-conscious obstacles
  • Increased collaboration and positive interactions
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Expanded leadership


In combination with the use in the latest skills assessment tools (optional), your team will expand their view into team composition and diversity. Through the power of the horse, they’ll develop their emotional and social intelligence skills in a way that helps build stronger relationships and shifts group dynamics in a positive and sustainable way.


“It was a terrific team building experience, with the horses encouraging honesty and cooperation, and Janis drawing out key elements to improve our organization. As a result we implemented a number of changes, including better communications, and noticed immediate improvements in organization and attitudes that continue to date.”  Cindy Carr, Founder, Sugarbush Real Estate


Open the gate to your business success today. We’ll partner with you to help your goals become a reality and help you track the progress along the way.   Click to download our Leadership and Team Performance brochure Enhancing Employee Leadership EQnimity.

As a certified Appreciative Inquiry practitioner, EQnimity now offers Appreciative Inquiry consulting services, with or without integration of horses.  Discover what’s possible through a positive, strength-based organization and development change model that is helping to transform teams across the globe.