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Press Release: Grant for Cancer Survivorship Workshops Awarded to EQnimity

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The content that follows was originally published on the EQnimity website at https://eqnimity.com/news/press-release-grant-cancer-survivorship-workshops-awarded-eqnimity/


Grant for Cancer Survivorship Workshops with Horses Awarded to EQnimity

Workshops with horses offer support for well-being of cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones.


Waitsfield, VT, February 21, 2017  ̶  For the second consecutive year, EQnimity has been awarded a grant to continue to serve cancer patients and their loved ones in working with horses to improve their well-being.

“Horses have an innate ability to process what’s going on with a human”, says Janis Cooper, owner of EQnimity. “They give us direct and honest feedback about how we’re showing up with ourselves and to others. By monitoring their behavior towards us, we can gain a great deal of self-actualization. They teach us about the effectiveness in how we connect with others, our communication style, our approach to getting things done, and more.”

“Through them we become cognizant of the incongruence behind what we’re saying, thinking, and doing so that we can change patterns of behavior and thought moving forward.”, says Cooper.  “You can think of horses as nature’s bio-feedback.  They alert us to things that consciously we may not be aware of, but may be driving our life.”  Experiential learning provides people an opportunity to solidify the learning by practicing on the spot, where they benefit from the immediate feedback horses provide.

The grant, provided by the Lloyd Symington Foundation of San Anselmo, CA, makes it possible to provide access to equine-based experiential workshops for cancer patients and their caregivers. The workshops help them cope with the impact of emotional hurdles which arise from diagnosis and treatment.  Horses offer these individuals greater clarity about the road blocks that may be standing in the way of experiencing a greater quality of life.

Located in central Vermont, EQnimity will provide six, one-day ‘Horses Healing the Hearts and Minds of Cancer’ workshops during 2017 in small, intimate groups where costs to attend are off-set by the grant. Workshops are being offered in Vermont (including part of the Stowe Weekend of Hope), Massachusetts, and Texas. Program participants work from the ground and no prior horse experience is required. Each workshop offers individual and group interaction with horses in addition to being part of a collective group of people who are in various stages of healing.

“While each person has a unique past,” says Janis, “when working with horses one-on-one, they address a range of topics including life balance and purpose, wholeness, managing fears and anxiety, building emotional connections, making life decisions, and more.”

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