ExpiredTurning Self-Criticism into Self-Love – Postponed until 2018

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  • October 28, 2017
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

 A Women’s Empowerment Workshop

  • Does your inner critic drive you crazy?
  • Is the constant chatter in your head nagging at you?
  • Do you erode your own self confidence?

Negative-self talk can get in the way of how you feel about yourself and how you’re showing up with others.  It can stop you dead in your tracks and keep you from doing all that you desire and are fully capable of.   The chitter chatter often gets in the way of personal success, impedes professional goals, while negatively impacting relationships, including the one you have with yourself.   It’s time to stop the vicious cycle.

Get out of your own way by partnering with horses in this 1-day Workshop designed just for Women.

Horses read a person’s vibrational energy.  Physiologically and intuitively they know when someone is not in alignment with what they’re saying, thinking, and doing.  They can quickly shed light when people are not content in who they are.  When you mentally (and emotionally) begin to beat yourself up, horses respond to it, and yet when you are authentic and loving towards yourself, a horse’s behavior changes.  Through them, you can gain immediate feedback about when you’re turning the tables against yourself while exploring the conscious and unconscious reasons why.

If you find yourself undermining what you do and how you do it, and you’re tired of your inner critic, this workshop is for you.  Stop the mental chatter and learn to put the negative self-talk to rest in this very special 1-day program where you’ll be partnered with horses. Through them you’ll gain a new level of awareness about your internal dialogue and how it impacts your behavior and those around you.  You’ll gain the tools to turn your self-critic into a wonderful, self-loving, and empowered woman!!

This is a no-riding workshop so no prior horse experience is required.  Afraid of horses?  It’s an opportune time to squelch the inner voices that keep your from overcoming your fears!!

Amy Todisco, Turning Point Retreats and Coaching, is co-leading this transformational workshop with me.  Amy leads organic farm based, personal growth and wellness solo VIP and group retreats in Vermont, offers one-on-one life coaching, writes ebooks, and is about to launch her “How To Create Your Transformed Life” home study course.



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