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Equine Facilitated Learning is a quickly growing field.  Perhaps you have questions about how it works and what you can expect, and whether it’s right for you.  That’s why we offer a Free Discovery Session by phone so together we can discuss your individual and group needs to determine if it’s a good fit.

Explore how a growing number of people and businesses are realizing breakthrough results in areas including:

  • A Variety of Personal Growth
  • Leadership Development
  • Healthy, Diverse, and High Performing Teams
  • Employee Engagement
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Communication Skills
  • Horses and Appreciative Inquiry

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“My goals have shifted to not just being understood by those around me but to also understand what their needs may be and how to recognize the point when real communication begins.  Thank you for sharing this incredible program with me and for guiding me toward a new path for leadership and communication.”  RB, Vermont

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