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Exemplifying the Power of the Herd

| No Comments | Published on June 6, 2013

When have you had an opportunity to be part of something new – something still in its infancy where it hasn’t yet received wide-spread recognition?  How often did the existence or lack of a community surrounding it impede or increase the chances of its success? Working in the high tech… Read More

Vulnerability Viewed Through the Looking Glass

| No Comments | Published on March 2, 2013

In Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There”, Alice ponders what the world is like on the other side of a mirror’s reflection. Through a wall-hung mirror hanging above the fireplace, she discovers that she’s able to step through it to an alternative world. How many… Read More

Acquainting Ourselves with Fear

| 3 Comments | Published on January 23, 2013

I’m continually amazed at how horses are so “knowing” in the way they help people.  Each person brings to a session something different and each horse is unique – the combination evoking entirely diverse experiences. Sometimes an individual knows what they want to work on when they meet with me… Read More

The Gift of Emotions through the Horse

| No Comments | Published on November 8, 2012

Our emotions – they’re there each and every day sometimes out in the forefront and other times lurking in the background. They gnaw at us and grow more intense as we ignore them whether consciously or subconsciously. Emotions can be like warehouses of unlimited energy that can either propel us or… Read More

What is EQnimity?

| 6 Comments | Published on November 5, 2012

In the mid 1990’s I read Daniel Goleman’s ground-breaking book on Emotional Intelligence, where he introduced the Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ). The EQ concept argues that IQ, or conventional intelligence, is too narrow; that there are wider areas of Emotional Intelligence that dictate and enable how successful we are. We’ve… Read More