Appreciative Discovery Through Horses

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A Somatic Learning Approach That Accelerates Positive Organizational Change



A distinctive approach is now available to inspire positive organizational transformation.  In ‘Appreciative Discovery Through Horses’, horses become learning partners where new possibilities for positive action are realized.

As a prey animal who is highly sensitive and relies on a herd for its survival, horses acutely tune into those around them, picking up on thoughts, breath, intent, energy, body language, and more. Their unbiased view and ability to reflect back what’s happening, and why, offers a new lens from which you gain a wider and deeper view into yourself.

Because trust is the cornerstone from which they willingly engage, horses teach the nuances of cultivating trust with others – as a leader, team member, or within personal relationships.  

Horses, combined with thoughtful facilitation, enable you to reflect, discover, then practice change in the moment. Experience how small, but vitally important somatic modifications result in profound shifts in how people and groups communicate, interact, and connect with one another.  Practice the full capacity to integrate thinking and feeling towards building successful relationships and making optimal decisions.

In a fun, hands-on, impactful approach to positive change, Appreciative Discovery Through Horses provides:

  • Greater verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Improved interpersonal interactions and relationships
  • New perspectives
  • Integrated thinking and feeling within decision-making
  • Discovery of individual and group core strengths to improve team effectiveness
  • Visibility into the best in one another
  • Ability to cultivate the ‘whole person’
  • Greater emotional and social literacy
  • Authenticity and mindfulness
  • Skills for shared leadership and increased leadership presence

Participation does not require horse experience.  All activities are non-riding.

Workshops are tailored to meet your specific goals and are available in 1 to 3 day formats at a facility near you or in Vermont.

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