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We brought our whole staff team to EQnimity after a period of significant transition in our organization, and even before we arrived I knew we had made a great choice…..

Our time with the horses was really powerful, and contributed to our ability to talk more deeply in the debrief sessions – there is something about working together with these powerful, sensitive animals that strips down barriers and removes masks.  Janis clearly understands this effect, and managed to provide a safe space for us to feel stripped down in this way, while also helping us to make use of the openness this allowed.  We continue to benefit from what we experienced and learned during our day with EQnimity.

Kate Williams
CEO, 1% For The Planet

Kate Williams Video discusses her EQnimity experience. Kate Williams

The experience at EQnimity was like no other.  Having attended leadership development conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the years, nothing has been as impactful as my 15 minutes in the round pen with the Horse.  Thanks to Janis’ guidance and interpretations, the horse showed me quite simply what I needed to work on to become a genuine leader.  Janis and her Herd had a tremendous impact on me and I look forward to bringing others into this experience.                                                                              
Patti Seymore, SPHR, CCUE

I was provided with insight to my own leadership style and have better awareness and consideration around how my style impacts, and at times can limit, others that I am working with.”

Lauren Merritt

Executive Director, College Steps Program

As a result of working with Janis my goals have shifted to not just being understood by those around me but to also understand what their needs may be and how to recognize the point when real communication begins. To be able to visualize and feel the full process, not just the end result, has helped me in my job. It has allowed me to stay in the moment and be focused and that is success in my line of work.

Janis, thank you for sharing this incredible program with me and for guiding me toward a new path for leadership and communication.

RB, Vermont

I first experienced the EQnimity process at a personal level. I had read “The Taos of Equus” and wanted to bond with my horse on a deeper level. My experience with Logan was profound; not only did he give me instant feedback about my state of presence, he gave me a safe place to tap into an emotional level where loss lives – something I had been unable to do even with counseling. The fact that he was able to trust me completely gave me the knowledge that I could also trust myself. This feeling has stayed with me and yes, Presto and I are closer than ever.

I was so impressed with my experience with Janis that my partner and I next booked a full office retreat with 15 agents and our office managers.  Our company had merged with another the previous year and cohesive bonding had not yet occurred. Janis and her staff skillfully led us through exercises with the horses (most of our group had no previous contact!) followed by lively discussions. It was a terrific team building experience, with the horses encouraging honesty and cooperation, and Janis drawing out key elements to improve our organization. As a result we implemented a number of changes, including better communications, and noticed immediate improvements in organization and attitudes that continue to date. I highly recommend the EQnimity team building experience to any organization that wishes to be the best they can be!

Cindy Carr, Founder Sugarbush Real Estate, Waitsfield, VT

As soon as Janis shared with me the experience that she creates with her horses in her incredible space, I knew that I must find a way to incorporate this experience into my executive leadership development offering!

Janis designed a custom on-ground equine experience that not only created a transformational experience with the horses, but it was the perfect enabler to the full transformation that was the focus and purpose of my Executive Leadership Retreat! Just a half day workshop with Janis and her horses made totally visible to my participants what they needed to see in order to know that dramatic shifts were needed in their approach to the people that they lead in order to take their leadership to the next level.  The incredibly beautiful Farmhouse location overlooking the mountains was exactly what my participants needed to set their work aside and be open to full 3 day retreat experience.  In their words, “it was life-changing” and “I cannot wait to come back next year!”.   In my words, “If you want to create a life-changing, transformational experience for the participants of your workshops, your clients or for your teams, few experiences would be as powerful as what Janis so expertly offers.”

Ann Farrell, Certified Master Executive Coach, Quantum Endeavors

The Board development/leadership workshop I attended with the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum’s Board of Directors helped us to learn more about how we individually and collectively function and problem solve through unique encounters with horses. This insight will be invaluable in creating more collaboration, transparency, and respect as the Board plans for the Museum’s second decade. Thank you to the Center for America’s First Horse and Eqnimity for offering us this eye-opening opportunity.

Meredith Scott, Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum

“I don’t feel like the same person as I was before my session.  Since then I am so much happier being ME.  I can feel it all over.”

Gale, Vermont

“My equine-facilitated session with Janis brought forth clarity about how to move quickly through a persistent mental block affecting my personal and professional development. As a result, I was energized and inspired to assert myself in new ways and to my surprise, I experienced a noticeable
surge in creativity!”

Diana, Maine

The round pen session was both incredibly powerful and incredibly subtle. Just being in the pen with Minko tested my courage and at the same time evoked such a deep desire to connect, to love and be loved. It clearly went beyond my connection with Minko but was generated by it. I left with a commitment to attend to those deep feelings, and with deep gratitude and wonder at these amazing animals who, simply by their being, have such a loving impact.

Lisa Buell
Whole Wisdom Coaching
Painting with Horses
Johnson, Vermont

My session with Janis and the horses in the round pen provided me with the clarity to act on three things I intuitively knew:   1) Stay in the present moment, 2) feel my feelings, and 3) be my authentic self.  All the horses did was mirror those exact actions.  My takeaway: “Just Be” like a horse!  I am grateful for their wisdom!  Thank you Janis, Logan and Autumn.


The coaching session with Janis was an eye-opener to the wisdom of the horse. I had heard that they were intuitive but through my session I was able to experience it. Too often I go about my business without being aware of my inner self but Janis and Autumn helped me get started. It is an ongoing process to continue building the skills learned – but isn’t everything?

~ Equine Believer ~, New Hampshire

I attended your 2016 Cancer workshop and I have to say that was only just the beginning of my rebirth.  I never experienced anything like the moments in the pen with the horse….it was like they could see all the way through you my soul….it was such a cool and meaningful experience.  Since returning home I feel so different – it gave me hope and started me on a new journey.

Lindsey, Connecticut