Our Values & Philosophies

The content that follows was originally published on the EQnimity website at https://eqnimity.com/about/our-values-philosophies/




Humans learn through experience

The EQnimity environment is focused on creating the experience (not just the knowledge) needed to fully integrate new ways of being present in the world.

We all have skills

Everyone comes with skills, talents, and knowledge that are unique to them. These assets become the building blocks for personal and professional growth. At EQnimity, we work with you to find the solutions that work, at your pace, and in the direction of your choosing to reach your goals.

A Safe Environment

All workshops are focused on creating a safe and confidential environment that allows participants to fully immerse themselves in this work without needing to be concerned about their own personal safety or the confidentiality of topics that may come up. All activities are non-riding and do not require prior horse experience.


EQnimity is committed to providing high-integrity services to businesses and individuals. In addition, we maintain a continual commitment to being actively involved in our local community along with the care and well-being of the horses used in our work.

Honoring the Horse

We deeply honor the horse – their beauty, their spirit, and the gifts that they offer us. We acknowledge the roles horses have played throughout our history – in war, in plowing our fields, and increasingly in assisting human development.