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Unique Learning Solutions That Accelerate Change                                                                                                                                                                

At EQnimity we provide unique equine learning experiences that help guide people, groups and businesses towards living better and working better. Through skilled facilitation and hands-on learning with horses, new levels of awareness are achieved paving the way for accelerated and lasting change in the way people lead and relate to others. Our unique programs help people and teams break through the hidden barriers that may often hold them back from their full potential.

Based in Meriden, NH (near Lebanon and Hanover),  EQnimity offers customized programs locally or in other locations throughout the U.S.  We are 75 minutes from Manchester, NH and 2 hours from Boston.

All work is done in a safe, non-riding environment. No prior horse experience necessary.                                                                   

Creating Impact

Janis Cooper, owner of EQnimity, specializes in strengthening leadership skills together with team development to achieve optimum personal and professional success. Her dynamic programs partner people with horses in an experiential model which increases self-awareness, choice, positive thoughts and actions.

Through unique and powerful equine encounters, she challenges assumptions, changes beliefs, and incorporates mindfulness – ultimately empowering people to live and work with purpose, connection, clarity and IMPACT.

Janis is a certified Professional Coach and holds certifications through the Equine Experiential Education Association and The Academy for Coaching with Horses  (an Epona-based model).  She is a certified Appreciative Inquiry Practioner through the David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry.  In addition, her training includes coaching with the Mind Body Method (MBM) which integrates somatic-based approaches into various coaching models.

In 2015, Janis was a contributing author to #1 Best Seller, Ready, Aim, Thrive! and was also featured in Expert Insight’s Published! Magazine and Blog Talk radio program. Currently, Janis is an Executive Committee member of the Equine Experiential Education Association Board of Directors, an international professional membership organization that builds, delivers, and supports excellence in the field of Equine Assisted Learning.  She also delivers leadership and staff development, including Equine-based workshops, for 850 employees at Best Friends Animal Society, the #1 recognized brand in Animal Welfare.

Prior to her equine coaching business, Janis’ career spanned more than 20 years in global marketing management and executive positions within Fortune 500 high-tech companies, including Vice President of Marketing for a $2 billion global business unit. During her corporate career she led individuals and organizations through a number of transitions including two company mergers, downsizing, along with many organizational changes – all of which has led Janis to help people and groups traverse personal and professional transitions.

Contact Janis to learn more about how working with horses can support you or your organization.